Steven Steffen
Visual, Identity, Experience Design
E-commerce photo of cut-and-sewn garments
E-commerce photo of Camp-shirt in the “drab olive” colour
Print detail on “drab olive” camp-shirt
Print and button detail on the “dusty rose” camp shirt
Camp shirt in “dusty rose”, on model
Pattern design process in 3D software (Rhino)
Pattern design process: 36x60” prints to verify scale and halftone density
Pattern design process: view in 3D software of chains (Rhino)
Pattern design process: final patten halftoning (Photoshop)

Raised by WolvesMade in Canada
Artwork, graphic design
For the spring 2021 collection of Raised by Wolves, I was commissioned to design a all-over print pattern for the brand’s cut and sew collection
Creative Direction — Cal Green
Photography— William Smith