Steven Steffen
Visual, Identity, Experience Design

UI sheet
Camera as digetic menu

Art direction, UX/UI, Sound2024
Superlight is an interactive work about taking photos of the night sky. An exercise in visual identity through environmental storytelling, typographic system design and passion for space to think. A collaboration with Julien Escobar. 
Game Design, Programming — Julien Escobar

Raw NerveIdentity, graphic design, game design 
65,000 downloads and Very Positive reviews on Steam. This is branding work that brought the psyhedelic driving game Raw Nerve to life. All the graphic elements are taken from engine, to market a true sense of the world players discover.
Infographic and icon design

Danse-CitéDance production company
Human centric component based web design for the cultural org. Danse-Cite’s focus is on programming for the dance and visually impaired communities.
Artistic Direction —Sophie Corriveau, Ellen Furey
Communications — Maud Mazo-Rothenbühler
Programming — Daniel Fernandes, Joeseph Rage
Poster and bookmark, FRGMNT
Postcard, Be Heintzman Hope
Postcard, Saison 2022-2023
Posters and bookmarks for performances

Dance production company
Graphic design for season 41
For the second consecutive year, I designed the identity of the season campaign for Danse-Cité, which is a Montreal-based dance production company in their 41st year. I was responsible for all digital and print production.
Artistic Direction — Sophie Corriveau, Ellen Furey
Communications — Maud Mazo-Rothenbühler

Danse-Cité Dance production company
Motion graphic and sound design
Falling type for the 41st season of Danse-Cité. Programmed animation in C#, rendered in Unity at real time.
Artistic Direction — Sophie Corriveau, Ellen Furey
Communications — Maud Mazo-Rothenbühler

Wave RiderDocumentary film
Logo, graphic design
Dustin is an old friend and a great film maker. I had the pleasure to collaborate on the logo and graphic design for his documentary film about house dancers 
Future EOF and Sekou Sonko Bosclair. 
Photography— Kieran Jardine, Dustin Chok
E-commerce photo of cut-and-sewn garments
E-commerce photo of Camp-shirt in the “drab olive” colour
Print detail on “drab olive” camp-shirt
Print and button detail on the “dusty rose” camp shirt
Camp shirt in “dusty rose”, on model
Pattern design process in 3D software (Rhino)
Pattern design process: 36x60” prints to verify scale and halftone density
Pattern design process: view in 3D software of chains (Rhino)
Pattern design process: final patten halftoning (Photoshop)

Raised by WolvesMade in Canada
Artwork, graphic design
For the spring 2021 collection of Raised by Wolves, I was commissioned to design a all-over print pattern for the brand’s cut and sew collection
Creative Direction — Cal Green
Photography— William Smith
Office exterior

3D HealthDental appliance company 
Art direction, logo
Art direction, visual and copy identity for the 3D printed dental appliance program from the dental practise of 
Dr. Americo Fernandes. 
Skateboards, fabricated at Generator
Proofs for 5 colour graphics 

Bug SkateboardsArtwork

Bug launched in the spring of 2022. I was brought on as a graphic artist to design and produce a series of board graphics, soft goods and promotional materials to help with the launch. It’s really cool to see graphics I worked on skated by some of my favourite people around the world. 
Creative Direction — Ed Phouth
Manufacturing — Generator
Photography— Hugo Bernier
Model— Corrina Chow