Steven Steffen
Visual, Identity, Experience Design
Balancing Act, DAiLY
The sound of balance 
(Interaction design)
Service — Interaction design Tools — Rhino 3D, AfterEffects, IllustratorClient — DAiLY TOUS LES JOURS Year — 2019-2020Industrial Design — Générique Design Fabrication — Double Effet, Générique Design Installation — Newco Electric, Imagine design and production servicesEngineering — Yetiweurks, Concept Paradesign, QPS Evaluation
Photography — Mitchell Kierney
During my time at DAiLY, I worked extensively on Balancing Act, which is an interactive installation permanently installed in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Final studio prototype of Balancing Act

Aluminium mold hot out of the CNC

Milling machine working hard

Installation is alive

Anti-slip tread pattern 

Play time on Balancing Act

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