Steven Steffen
Visual, Identity, Experience Design
Chains, Raised by Wolves
Pattern for cut and sew garments
(3D artwork)
Service — 3D design, graphic design Tools — Rhino 3D, Adobe PhotoshopClient — Raised by Wolves Year — 2020Art Direction — Cal Green Photography— William Smith
For the spring 2021 collection of Raised by Wolves, I was commissioned to design a all-over print pattern for the brand’s cut and sew collection. Images below start with 3D process and finish with model photography. 

3D links ready to be projected onto the 2D pattern

Repeating pattern and diagram of the curves used to build the pattern

Links applied to 2D pattern in Rhino (3D design)

Pattern in 3D view (Rhino, 3D design)
1:1 test prints prototyping shadow and lighting, link scale, and halftoning

Final halftone and link scale

Camp shirt in dusty rose on model

Pattern and button detail

Camp shirt in olive drab

Pocket detail in olive drab
Photo of collection

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