Steven Steffen
Visual, Identity, Experience Design
UX/UI, Raw Nerve
From splash screen to game over
(UX / UI) 
Role — UX / UI Tools — Unity, Figma, Adobe IllustratorClient — New Physics (Indie team)  Year — 2023Shader Design — George Foutanos Programming — Etienne Caya Level Design — Joaquin VasquezExternal — Steam

Raw Nerve is inspired by Nintendo’s Stunt Race FX, Sega Rally Championship, and EA Skate. As the UX/UI designer I was responsible for designing and prototying the player experience from start to finish. Below you will see game design documentation, UX charts, and UI screens for the game Raw Nerve. 

Gameplay pillars for a unique arcade experience (UX)

Typical game and win conditions including key player goals (UX)

How a player ranks based on what they collect and their speed (UX)

Effect of a player collecting artifacts and its impact on the game’s soundtrack (UX)

Splash Screen (UI)

Player truck selection process and driving aids (UI)

Selecting a route to drive after selecting a planet (UI)

Gameplay mock-up (UI)

Game play HUD annotated (UX/UI)

Pause screen with 2-factor restart (UI)

Comment from Steam user owen.mtl

Dashboard-style options menu with radial sliders and Help menu (UI)

Help menu, tip about collecting artifacts (UX/UI)
Other tips from the help menu (UX/UI)

There are many ways to reach each collectible (UX)

Finish line at the last collectible (UX)

Photo finish end screen showing unlocks after collecting final collectible (UX/UI)

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