Steven Steffen
Visual, Identity, Experience Design
Prototyping at DAiLY
Designing interactive installations
(Interaction design)
Service — Everything  Tools — EverythingClient — DAiLY TOUS LES JOURS Year — 2019-2020Creative — All permanent and freelance employees of DAiLY contributed to the development of these projects
While at DAiLY, I touched a variety of mediums and projects working as an interaction designer. Here’s some of the sketches, prototypes and models that came out of that year. 

Gif of goodtimes (marketing materials)

Linear motion assembly mixing custom and OEM components

Prototypes for an umbrella gliding down an H-beam (Shade Parade, Montréal)

Rocks with integrated electronics / lighting (interactive seating) 

Pattern for interactive pavement and display

Pattern for interactive pavement

Plaza model, and LEGO seating prototype 

Tiered seating for Sidewalk Labs toronto installation based off of LEGO prototype

Render of interactive installation 

Interaction diagrams for Hello Trees, a travelling installation originally for Houston, Texas

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