Steven Steffen
Visual, Identity, Experience Design
Truck design, Raw Nerve
Metrics for an unhinged machine 
(Video game UX / UI) 
Role — UX/UI Tools — Unity, Figma, Adobe IllustratorClient — New Physics (Indie team)  Year — 2023Shader Design — George Foutanos Programming — Etienne Caya Level Design — Joaquin VasquezExternal — Steam

For the Unity game Raw Nerve, I designed the handling and performance of the vehicle. It’s a rally-inspired truck based off of the wheel collider component, programmed in C#. Check out the trailer, then scroll below to see the full design metrics of what the truck can do in the game.

Steam release gameplay trailer 

Turning and sudden changes in elevation design (UX / game design)

Truck acceleration, breaking and jumping (UX / game design) 

Level design parameters for gradual changes in elevation (UX / game design) 

Bare but not naked truck (concept design)
Fleshing it out (concept design) 

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